Coast RTA changes mean easier access to airport and busses until 8 p.m.

A Coast RTA bus running after new route changes were put in place that includes easier access to airport and busses running until 8 p.m. year round. (Amanda Kinseth / WPDE)

Coast RTA launched service changes and route modifications earlier this month to try to make public transportation more convenient for people.

And regular riders Maryann Callaway and her sister Felicia say they are glad for the changes.

The two ride the bus to work everyday; sitting, chatting and shopping while on the bus.

Maryann has been riding ever since day one.

"I've watched it go from Kings Highway, to Ocean Boulevard, back to Kings Highway. Watched it do it all," said Maryann.

Coast RTA launched new changes in April.

Busses will now run until 8 p.m. year round.

"The consistency of the service has improved," said Brian Piascik, Coast RTA General Manager and CEO. "Somebody can make the same trip in October that they can in July."

Piascik realigned routes, including one to the airport.

"This route serves the airport in both directions, so for all intents and purposes, we now have 15-minute service to and from the airport to downtown in both directions," said Piascik.

They're changes that make riders like the Callway sisters smile.

"It has improved. It's really improved," said Maryann.

Felicia said one thing improved is the comfort of the buses.

"Relaxing reclining seats, I get my sleep on," said Felicia. "If my sister is on the same bus, if I take a nap, 'Felicia, wake up!' That's how I get up."

Also improved is the bus's punctuality.

"You gotta be on time," or you might find yourself running for a ride, said Maryann.

"Better be out there," said Maryann. "But, if they see you running, they'll stop for you though. They will."

Coast RTA services between 1500 and 2500 riders each day.

Coast RTA also plans to launch a mobile app this summer.

For more information on the changes, visit

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