Players, fans upset after CNB Football Classic is cancelled due to poor field conditions

Conway High School officials canceled the CNB Kickoff Classic after the field flooded Friday. (Taggart Houck/WPDE).

At first glance, the football field at Conway High School didn't look too bad. But, from a closer standpoint, it's easy to see puddles, and what appeared mini ponds spread across the field--more than enough to promote caution.

That water was exactly what caused Conway High School officials to cancel Conway National Bank's 28th Kickoff Classic.

"Once you get down on the field and walk around and you're in some standing water or mud, then you can understand why we cancelled the game," said Conway Football Acting Head Coach Carlton Carlton Tery.

The main reason, he said, was to avoid injury risk.

"They're safety is first over the excitement of the game or the community. Uh they're safety is first. That's our message to them," said Tery.

Terry says the school planned to make a decision today--hoping for a dryout--but morning rain made that difficult.

The players were understandably upset.

"Our expectations were high," said Joshua Eaddy -- one of Tery's players. "We were looking to get some (practice time) in, but it's whatever the weather decides and whatever our coaches decide to do with it," he said.

Some fans were surprised. One was a New York baseball coach, who enjoys the annual matchup.

"We planned on it throughout the day that we were gonna come here about six o'clock, and we're a little disappointed that we just pulled up and the field was under water," said Joe Vito.

He didn't know the Kickoff Classic was canceled until he rolled into the parking lot. Neither did an event official, who pulled in, ready to officiate about 30 minutes before the scheduled 6 p.m. start.

If you bought tickets, Conway National Bank officials said they will reimburse. They said they can't control mother nature. Bank officials told ABC15 News in the 28 years it has sponsored the kickoff, it has only canceled twice.

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