Clear Pond residents not happy about new neighborhood developments


    A new neighborhood in Carolina Forest has some residents regretting buying property in that area.

    The original project for the Clear Pond neighborhood was laid out in 2002 and was approved for re-zoning in 2003.

    The community was designed to house 1,300 multi-family units and 800 single family homes.

    Now, many people new to the area said had they known this when they first moved in, they would've look to build elsewhere.

    "Our fear is that we're going to have 250 units of people that really don't care that much," said Bruce Mader who lives in the Clear Pond community.

    The new development is rumored to be used as a rental property which wasn't a surprise for some residents.

    "I was told there was going to be a development behind the amenities center when I first bought," said Francis Maloney who lives in the neighborhood.

    But the same couldn't be said for everyone.

    "We were uninformed and we were never told that this was going to happen or maybe many of us would have never bought homes here," said Peter Garcia who lives in the neighborhood.

    County leaders say misunderstandings amongst buyers in new developments are pretty common.

    "Since it is already zoned correctly and did not have to go through that public hearing process through county council, and I think that's what a lot of community members have is that they didn't have a chance to say they didn't want the project because the project was already zoned in 2003," said Horry County Zoning and Planning Interim Director David Schwerd.

    County leaders said on Wednesday, doing your homework before you decide to build could save you a lot of stress in the long run.

    "What I would hope is that when people go to purchase a property that, if they're buying in a master plan community, not only do they check with their real estate agent but they would also check with the local planning department to see if they could get a copy of that master plan to find out what the real approval is approved for," said Schwerd.

    H&H Homes is the developer who is currently waiting to be approved to start construction on the property which county leaders said cold come as early as next month.

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