Civil war reenactment causes panic in Florence

Some parents panicked after they thought an civil war re-enactment was an active shooter situation near Delmae Elementary School on South Cashua Drive in Florence. (Credit: Viewer submitted)

Some parents panicked about a possible active shooter situation Tuesday morning at an elementary school in Florence.

Turns out, it was a Civil War reenactment near Delmae Elementary School on South Cashua Drive in Florence.

Deputies said they responded to the situation but later realized it was a part of the Civil War reenactment.

Viewers shared pictures of police officers outside of the school.

ABC 15 News received several messages on social media questioning why dozens of officers were all headed down South Cashua Drive toward Delmae Elementary School.

Many parents said they’re thankful it was nothing serious.

Florence 1 Schools released the following statement:

Local law Enforcement have responded to Delmae Elementary School after a concerned citizen contacted County Dispatch 911 in regards to a false alarm.
There is no Lock Down or Emergency situation at Delmae Elementary. They are conducting a reenactment of a pioneer encampment on the campus and a neighboring citizen mistook the situation for an emergency incident. Law Enforcement responded accordingly in response to their established procedures.
Once again, there is no cause for alarm.

Levi James, with Florence County Emergency Management Division, released the following statement:

At 08:59 this morning Florence County 911 Central Dispatch received several reports of shots been fired at Delmae Heights Elementary School at 1211 South CashuaDrive in Florence, SC.
These reports have been verified to be FALSE. None of the children or staff members were in harm’s way, and no one was injured.
There was no gunman on scene. Local law enforcement officers have checked the school and area. All is back to normal at the school.

James said they didn't want to take any chances, so they sent as many deputies to the school as they could.

"It really raised our hairs. We first got the initial call from a resident that lives in an apartment complex across from Delmae. Then we start to getting additional calls from surrounding apartment complexes that are behind Delmae, that there were several gunshots heard coming from the school. So, we went into full active mode and started getting all of our first responders. Within 30 seconds, we had called laws and dispatch to highway patrol to city county. Any available Law Enforcement unit we could find, we had them on the way," said James.

James said before deputies even got on scene, 911 dispatchers had a pretty good idea what was happening inside the school. They can monitor surveillance cameras at Delmae and all schools in Florence County.

"We can actually look around the schools, see if there was an active shooter at the location. We would be able to pinpoint a location, let law enforcement know where the subject was. It's just to give a situational awareness to our first responders while they’re on the way to the location," said James.

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