City of North Myrtle Beach supports saving dunes

Ingram dunes (WPDE)

The future of the relic Ingram Dunes in North Myrtle Beach has remained a question for a while now. The owner of the land wants to develop it, but a grassroots group wants to preserve the area.

During the North Myrtle Beach City Council meeting, Mayor Marilyn Hatley announced the city supports saving the dunes and will help purchase the land, but they need help.

The plan is to allow those wanting to save the dunes to ask for donations.

"Our greatest relief and surprise is that the city is going to make an effort to collect monies and is really supporting it and seeing the value of the saving the dunes for our entire community and I think, with their support, teamed with the community, we'll make it happen," said Susan Platt.

Platt and Brittany Callahan are founders of North Myrtle Beach Historic Preservation Society.

A price tag on the dunes hasn't been announced because the city is still negotiating with the developer, but the Preservation Society and the city are taking donations, which will be tax deductible.

The Preservation Society is also working on a fundraising gala planned for May 19th.

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