City of Florence making changes to parking outside new judicial center

New Florence Judicial Center (WPDE)

Florence City Council approved a resolution Monday removing two hour parking spaces in front of the new Florence County Judicial Center.

Florence City Manager Drew Griffin said there are a number of reasons why they made changes to parking outside of the judicial center

"One, the businesses that used the parking were removed with the construction of the Judicial Center and therefore parking is not needed from that perspective," said Griffin.

He said secondly, the judicial center provides its own supporting parking on-site.

He said thirdly they plan to do some redeveloping of the Florence County complex, which is across the street from the judicial center, that will help with parking, along with the city's parking garage.

"Thirdly, future development of the complex and the parking deck will cause a redesign of the roadway with new driveways and a need for new left turns with stacking lanes. This change will require additional road area."

Griffin said the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) and Florence County officials asked us to remove the parking for safety reasons.

"Lastly, given the amount of traffic and speed of the drivers, it is a bit hazardous to open a door when businesses are no longer present. The lack of businesses and the more open nature of the roadway invites higher speeds and removes the associated need or expectation of on-street parking for the motoring public."

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