Charges likely in disappearance of Robeson County child


A missing one-year-old Robeson County child has been found, but charges are expected, according to Captain Kimothy Monroe with Red Springs Police Department.

Monroe said this past Friday they got a call from a woman saying her child was missing from a home on Raeon Street in Red Springs.

The woman told police she left the child with a baby sitter last Wednesday, Monroe said, but as of the following Friday she had not seen or heard from the sitter who had her child.

St. Paul's Police, Rowland Police and the Robeson County Sheriff's Office helped Red Springs police search for the missing child.

Monroe said shortly after an Amber Alert was activated, officers found the child this past Friday night at a home on Piedmont Road in Rowland.

The child was returned to his mother.

Red Springs Police Chief Ronnie Patterson said a lot of resources and manpower were used in this investigation.

"A lot of emergency personnel was activated to help us find William. No charges have been made as of yet, but likely will be after we gather all the facts in this case. We take missing person reports seriously and someone will be held accountable for this ordeal. I personally want to thank everyone and every agency that assisted us in this case and I'm extremely happy that little William is ok," said Red Springs Police Chief Ronnie Patterson.

We'll keep you updated on what happens with this ongoing investigation.

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