CCU nears $1 million mark with Relay For Life

CCU students participate in events at the 2017 Relay For Life. (Pic: Relay For Life of Coastal Carolina University Facebook Page)

Since it started raising money for the American Cancer Society, Coastal Carolina University is about to hit the $1 million mark.

"This isn't just Coastal's Relay. This is the community's Relay," said CCU student Donnelly Wolf.

Junior Donnelly Wolf knows a thing or two about raising money for the American Cancer Society.

"I led my high school's Relay for Life. It's the largest student-run relay in the nation," said Wolf.

He brought that passion and dedication to the campus of Coastal Carolina as a member of the Relay For Life leadership team.

"Every meeting we would say, 'Who has been affected by cancer?' And every single hand goes up."

Including his hand.

"Both of my dad's parents. His mother passed away when he was 20, a sohpomore in college. And my grandfather passed away when I was about seven months old," said Wolf.

He is determined to help fund future cancer research.

Since CCU joined the 'Colleges Against Cancer' chapter 12 years ago, it is now just shy of reaching $1 million dollars raised.

"We're actually $20,000 ahead of what we were this time last year," said Wolf.

You can expect a lot of fun and games at the Relay.

"We've got a new game this year, life-sized pong. So sort of like an Atari game."

But you can also expect inspiring stories, as survivors are recognized.

"We're here to celebrate. We're not here to think about how bad cancer has hurt us. We're here to remember those who have lost their lives and to honor those who are still fighting or have even gotten past it, and are now living a healthy life," said Wolf.

Due to a possible weather threat, this year's Relay For Life at CCU is being held in the Williams-Brice Building.

It starts at noon on Saturday.

For more information on the event and how to donate, click here.

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