CCU celebrates fourth annual Ella Baker Day

CCU celebrates fourth annual Ella Baker Day (WPDE)

On Tuesday, Coastal Carolina University celebrated the fourth annual Ella Baker Day as part of their "Celebrate Social Justice Week."

Baker is known as the mother of the civil rights movement and was widely respected for her beleif in the potential and dignity of every individual.

The key note speaker for the event was Rosa Clemente, an Afro-Latina political commentator, independent journalism, and 2008 Green Party vice presidential candidate.

Clemente spoke about today's civil rights issues and called for greater action.

"We always have to be a part of doing work and being a part of our community. It's usually local. That doesn't have to be something huge, you don't have to be part of a national movement. Usually in your local community there's all types of issues that you can be involved in at any level," she said.

CCU will continue their week of events on Thursday with the "Say Their Name" campaign, which recognizes people who are victimized or killed as a result of social, economic, and political oppression.

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