Carolinas begin to feel effects of Hurricane Florence

Some clouds from the first approaching band of Hurricane Florence (Courtesy: Brandon Bell)

As Hurricane Florence heads for the Carolinas, some areas are already starting to feel the effects.

In North Carolina, some places are already experiencing high winds, power outages and flooding storm surge.

In Frying Pan Shoals, an American Flag could be seen, almost completely tattered from the wind and rain.

The wind blew palm trees and lots of rain on Radio Island in Beaufort, N.C.

North Topsail Beach in North Carolina saw a very angry ocean earlier today, with waves already making an impact. Storm surge took out some furniture at ocean-front homes.

Also in North Topsail Beach, a storm chaser captured a video of a vehicle nearly getting crushed by a falling gas station canopy.

In Lumberton, N.C. the rain is already coming down.

New Bern, N.C. experienced some insane water rises. Between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Thursday, what looks like a river-front park was almost totally under water.

In Myrtle Beach, the first outer cloud bands of the hurricane have been spotted.

At the Myrtle Beach Pavilion, roads are empty and winds are howling.

ABC 15's Sydney Glenn spoke to the North Myrtle Beach EOC Coordinator about Hurricane Florence and a look at conditions there.

ABC 15's Ashley Gooden shared a video of the restaurant RipTydez on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, where you can see wind ripping thought the vinyl windows.

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