Report: Carolina Forest expected to double in size

Carolina Forest expected to double in size (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

A recent report put out by the Future for the Forest Committee says Carolina Forest is only half developed.

For people like Gary Moore, living in Carolina Forest is living the American dream.

"We're happy with the area, we're happy with the weather, we're happy with where our area is," said Moore, who moved to Carolina Forest almost two years ago.

But, the more people who share that dream, the more developments pop up in Carolina Forest.

"We went from 3,400 full time residents in the year 2000 to about just under 25,000 in the year 2010. I expect that number to increase significantly at our next census," said Horry County Councilman Dennis DiSabato.

Right now, there are 18,112 housing units in Carolina Forest, but at 100 percent development the master planned area is projected to have 35,000 housing units.

"It's not surprising but you don't want to see that kind of growth. But that's what attracts people is the area and the weather," said Moore.

"We're growing at an excessive rate and the county's having a difficult time keeping up with the rate of growth with the infrastructure in the community," said DiSabato.

DiSabato said he thinks the county can slow the growth.

"We need to focus on rezoning applications in this community and do a much better job of maybe turning down some zoning applications if it is deemed that the project is going to put too much strain on the current infrastructure," said DiSabato.

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