Carbon monoxide sensors installed in West Florence High School labs after parent concerns

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Carbon monoxide sensors have been installed in the science labs at West Florence High School as a precautionary measure to allay some parents’ fears about carbon monoxide exposure, according to a news release from Florence School District One.

Concerns of carbon monoxide exposure were raised last week by a school employee and subsequently by some students, prompting the district to test areas of the school.

The tests noted that the schools CO concentration did not exceed OSHA’s permissible exposure limits.

Officials said during Thursday night's school board meeting that the carbon monoxide detected in the school was well below any established thresholds that would cause health problems.

Some parents say their children's blood showed levels of carbon monoxide, even though the district released results that showed the school was clear.

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The medical director of the clinical laboratories at McLeod said exposure to such items as car exhausts, furnaces, kerosene heaters and smoking (primary or secondary) can result in elevated levels of carbon monoxide.

The carbon monoxide sensors that have been installed will receive a test run this weekend as professional contractors and Florence One maintenance crew members work to make certain that the labs equipped with the sensors are in good working condition, according to Florence One Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services Lionel Brown.

The district notes that "Only a few states require carbon monoxide detectors in schools; however, this solution of installation of detectors at West Florence is designed to ensure, as well as restore, parent and student confidence in the safety of the school’s atmosphere when they return to school on Monday morning."

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