Carbon monoxide detected at West Florence High School considered safe level

Low levels of carbon monoxide at West Florence High School are considered normal, according to rep. from company that tested. (WPDE)

A representative from a company that tested West Florence High School for a carbon monoxide leak said there was some carbon monoxide detected in the school, but it was a safe amount.

Many parents showed up at a school board meeting Thursday night to learn more about the results from carbon monoxide testing on 10 classrooms.

Some claim their children's blood showed levels of carbon monoxide, even though the district released results that showed the school was clear.

The representative from the company that conducted the test said the amount detected is safe.

"There was some carbon monoxide detected. OK but that's not uncommon. You can go to your house, my house, I can bring my monitor in here right now, and we will have some level of carbon monoxide. You can go outside and find it. The key is how much," Lee Capell, with ABS Environmental, explained.

Officials said carbon monoxide detected was well below any established thresholds that would cause health problems.

Some parents said they're still convinced there was enough carbon monoxide in the science lab to cause their children to get very sick.

To see the results of the carbon monoxide tests, click here.

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