Bucksport may be the next site for a marine industrial park

A historic community in Horry County may be adding an industrial park. Horry County Council made it possible for a marine industrial park to be built in the county, and one company is ready to do that in Bucksport.

Grand Strand Water and Sewer is asking council to approve that 424 acres be created into a marine industrial park.

"So it'd be any type of cargo type transportation using the rivers as well as any type of marine industrial, ship building, boat repair," said Horry County Spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier.

Those businesses will bring more jobs to Horry County.

"Grand Strand Sewer has been working alongside Santee Cooper in Horry County as well as the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation. You'll probably see some type of joint effort of marketing of this industrial park," said Bourcier.

While many people who live in Bucksport agree that it needs to be revitalized, some long time residents are worried this park may not change Bucksport for the better.

"My concern is that Bucksport will be no more as soon as this gets started," said Bucksport resident, Donald Gause.

The plans also ask for a road to be built from Highway 701 directly to the park.

The ordinance needs to pass two more readings in council.

The detailed plans for the marine industrial park are outlined in the Horry County Council Agenda, which you can find here.

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