Man shot by Florence constable speaks out

    Brandon Fludd (ABC News)

    The man shot by a constable in Florence this past Saturday is speaking out in an interview with ABC Thursday.

    Brandon Fludd was shot after not following officer orders during a traffic stop.

    Here's some of what he had to say during the ABC interview:

    "I got nervous and scared. I shouldn't of took off, I should have just listened. But I had got nervous and scared."

    "After he started firing I felt the shot in my chest, and I looked down at my chest and I just started panicking more and I left. I went to try and seek help."

    "I admit that my actions were wrong. I should have got out the car, I should of listened and got out the car."

    "It doesn't mean I need to be shot. It doesn't, I doesn't deserve to be shot. I shouldn't have been shot."

    "I still have the bullet in my chest, actually. It can't be removed. I have to live with that for the rest of my life."

    When asked what he'd want tell the nation in regards to the incident, Fludd said, "Listen. Next time, if someone's telling you to get out the car, they tell you directive, listen to them. Because, it could've ended worse."

    "It surprised me a lot that they allow someone to ride and carry a fire arm and to act as a police that's not a police."

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    "He never identified himself, he never said anything but 'Get out the car.'"

    "It's not to my leisure to say that he should be charged. And like my attorney said, it's up to the Attorney General."

    "He should be held accountable for his actions like a regular person, not a law officer. But it's not my choice if he be charged."

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    ABC asked Fludd how he was feeling. "To be honest with you, I'm upset, a little traumatized still, in pain. Just ready to heal. Just want justice to be served," he said.

    After the incident, Fludd said he drove home to get help. "I was just riding home and just luckily my wife was already leaving outside and that's where I started, I fell out the car, got in her car and asked her to rush me to the hospital," he said.

    When asked what he'd advise the city to do in response to the incident, Fludd said, "The city needs to look into their constable laws and make it better, because stuff like this, they gonna continue to happen."

    "I wasn't trying to run no one over. I was just trying to make it to safety."

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