Boy Scout troop librarian hopes to replace stolen merit badge books

Boy Scout librarian hoping to restore stolen merit badge books (WPDE)

Boy Scout Troop 891 needs the community's help. It's been almost a month since someone stole several items from their storage trailer. The thief may not know it, but they took much more than just camping supplies--one boy scout is now without a job.

"Myles has little challenges in his everyday life, but he has more heart than half the boys in our troop," said Mark Hall, Troop 891's Scoutmaster.

Myles Griffin has been a boy scout for a couple years now. He absolutely loves it.

"He has been as beneficial to us as we have to him," said Hall.

Griffin is the librarian for the troop.

"He just makes sure that everyone makes sure they bring the books back and he keeps it all organized in that box we had," said Peyton Hall.

Up until about a month ago, that was his job. Now, it's a different situation.

"You know, he has the title of librarian but there's nothing to keep up with because all of the books were stolen," said Mark.

Someone stole camping items from Troop 891's storage trailer and a whole box of merit badge books. It took them years to gather all of those books.

"Fishing, first aid, camping," said Griffin.

The list of his favorite books goes on and on, but his personal favorite is wood carving. Now it's gone too.

Merit badge books are important for boy scouts. They study them to gain new skills, and to earn more badges.

"There's stuff in there for summer camp and I have first aid and chemistry," said Cayne Lawson.

The troop's librarian extraordinaire still has things to look forward to though.

"James Island camping out--we get to see Christmas lights!" said Griffin.

Until he gets his library back, he's missing some of the pages that make up his book because of someone's decision to dishonor the scout's honor.

If you'd like to help Troop 891 with more merit badge books or camping supplies, you can contact them at 803-960-5594 or drop supplies off at the Socastee United Methodist Church.

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