Warrants: Man who lied about animal attack cut his own pants to look like attack

    Rickey Lynch. (Credit: Georgetown County Sheriff's Office)

    Warrants released by the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office state that the man who lied about being attacked by a big black cat or a bear cut his own clothes to give the appearance of being torn and ripped by an animal attack.

    Rickey Lynch, 33, of Hemingway, was given a $5,257 bond on charges of breach of peace, nonaggravated in nature, and filing a false police report of a felony violation.

    Warrant state that he was charged with breach of peace because reporting the attack caused public fear and panic within the community.

    Georgetown County's Sheriff says Lynch admitted there was no black panther after calling police and saying he was attacked by one on Tuesday night.

    "He was attacked by something, but he said he lied about the cat," said Georgetown County Sheriff Lane Cribb.

    However, Lynch's family said he only changed his story as an attempt to make the officers leave him alone.

    "Okay so are you ready to change your story? Are you going to stick to your story? Or are you going to tell us the truth of what happened," sister-in-law Shyanne Lindsey recalled the officers saying.

    They believe Lynch was charged because of the officers' frustration, and said the reports that were made were in good faith.

    Lynch is still being held at the Georgetown County Detention Center.

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