Family of man killed by suspected drunk driver speaks out: 'Nothing will bring him back'

Katherine and Amanda White spoke during the hearing for Miranda Sabb, who is charged with DUI after a crash that killed their loved one. (Tonya Brown/WPDE)

Miranda Sabb, 32, appeared before Florence County Magistrate Frank White on Monday morning and had her bond set at $2,623 for the magistrate level charges filed against after a deadly crash on Sunday morning.

The S.C. Highway Patrol charged Sabb with driving under the influence after she collided with an SUV on Whippoorwill Road in Florence early Sunday morning.

The crash killed the driver of the SUV, later identified as Wallace Benedict White, 57, of Effingham, according to Florence County Coroner Keith von Lutcken.

Sabb sobbed throughout the hearing, often wiping tears from her face.

White's wife, Katherine White, and daughter Amanda White, spoke during the hearing.

They told the judge their lives are forever changed.

"He called me and told me, he said 'Baby I'm on my way home.' I said okay. Then the next thing I heard the phone ring. And it was my son, he was crying and he said 'it's dad. It's dad.' And I said 'what's wrong with dad.' And he said 'Mom just come, just come," said Katherine White.

Amanda White said nothing will bring back her father.

"If you're drinking call Uber, call a friend, but don't drink and drive. Because it could've been her as well. It could've been my brother. Think before you get behind the wheel. If you're drinking call somebody don't get behind the wheel. Because my life is forever changed. And there's nothing I can do. Nothing will ever bring him back. I don't care how many I'm sorrys I get," she said.

Sabb's sister, Rhonda Sabb, told the judge she didn't know what to say other than she's sorry. She said she now has to focus on her sister's two children.

Sabb suffered minor injuries in the crash, but is okay.

White couldn't set bond on the felony DUI charge because it has to be set by a Circuit Court Judge. So, Sabb has to stay in jail until a bond is set on the felony DUI charge. She's being held at the Florence County Detention Center.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol Multi-disciplinary Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) is investigating the crash.

We've requested a copy of the incident report.

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