Bond court held every six hours over Memorial Day weekend


During the annual Bikefest and Memorial Day weekend celebrations, the court system holds bond court frequently for those arrested for minor offenses.

"Good morning to all you ladies, all of you have been charged with a city court offense, that's a charge that can carry up to thirty days in jail," said Judge J. Scott Long.

Every six hours, bond court is in session to process those with minor charges in an effort to alleviate congestion at the jail.

"Officer wrote notes on there, walking around the hotel yelling at people in his underwear, placed under arrest for disorderly conduct," said Long.

People both young and old were in court Sunday morning to have a bond set and paid so they could get back to their weekend plans.

"I see your age, you're twenty, can't quite have alcohol yet," said Long.

There were even a few returning offenders, charged with carrying an open container, whom Judge Long greeted.

"And of course we know each other and I see you a good bit but I'm not going to put you in jail if you were to plead guilty to that charge," said Long.

With attendance numbers for Bikefest believed to be down this year, officials said so are the number of arrests.

"Its been a downward trend for the last several years, you know it seems like both the attendance has been off but also I think we have a higher level of cooperation from our guests," said Myrtle Beach City Manager, John Pedersen.

As bonds were set and people return back to the party, many were gracious enough to offer the judge a thank you and a little promise.

"I ain't coming back, I'm not coming back," said one arrestee.

Anyone charged with a city court offense can be sentenced to up to 30 days in jail and or up to 1,000 dollars in fines.

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