Boardwalk Bonanza hopes to make Pavilion property 'family-friendly'


The City of Myrtle Beach will start offering free entertainment on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Organizers are calling it the "Boardwalk Bonanza" at the Burroughs and Chapin Pavilion Place.

Wednesday nights will focus on fitness, food trucks and fireworks. Thursdays will offer a talent competition.

Leaders say it's a way to make the Pavilion property family-friendly for locals and visitors.

"This event, the idea is to bring as many new people that maybe come to Myrtle Beach but don't visit the boardwalk area. We wanted to bring them down to the boardwalk area and show them all the exciting things that we have to offer," said Chairman of the Ocean Walk Task Force Larry Bond.

The kickoff for the "Boardwalk Bonanza" will be next Wednesday on the Fourth of July.

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