Bill could add gun tax to pay for school resource officers

Handgun, generic. (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

More school resource officers and more money to pay for a gun: that's a bill being considered by South Carolina representatives.

"This bill would allow for every firearm that's sold to have a 7 percent additional fee. That fee would be used solely for the purpose of providing a trained, school resource officer at the school district that don't have them currently," said Wendy Brawley, a representative from Richland County.

According to the Dept. of Education, around 400 schools throughout the state don't have a resource officer. Some of those schools are in the Pee Dee. Several Marlboro County and Marion County schools don't have resource officers. In Darlington, Florence, and in Lake City, deputies roam from school to school.

"I think a lot of parents and grandparents feel as though protecting their children and grandchildren during the school environment is something we should do as a matter of public policy," said Brawley.

But at the cost to who? Rivertown Gun Depot Manager Russ Calhoun doesn't think it should be to gun buyers. He thinks the tax could even lead to illegal buying.

"It's going to affect the real way we're selling guns. People are going to go black market, they're going to go underground, buy them on the street,"said Calhoun.

But Representative Brawley says it's the best way to give and not take from schools.

"This provides the mechanism for us to do it, provides the budget for us to do it, without removing money that is sorely needed already in classrooms for teachers," said Brawley.

Would you support a tax on gun sales to fund school resource officers? Weigh in:

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