Bikefest vendors say first day is a little slow

Bikefest vendors say first day is a little slow (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

Food, clothes, souvenirs: You can buy it all at Bikefest in Atlantic Beach, but some vendors say not many are buying and business has been slow.

Every tent has something to offer, whether it is something to eat:

"We do blooming onions and I do 16 different flavors in it, all of our sauces are homemade," said Sonya Williamson of Wing Paradise.

"We got jerk chicken, jerk pork, we got hot dogs, sausage," said Albert Royal, selling Jamaican food.

Or something to wear:

"You can make a lot of money on the weekend, meet great people, and sell plenty of shirts, so that's why I like it," said Monique Hall, selling shirts.

But not everyone is selling plenty.

"It's a little slow so we would love to see business pick up," said WIlliamson.

"We started out a little slower because the sun held up, but we picked up like right at 4 o'clock, we started picking up and it's been non-stop," said Hall.

Vendors say Bikefest is the perfect weekend to make extra cash.

"Well, since our food is so good we decided to come out here and see if we can sell it," said Williamson.

Keep in mind, every vendor had to spend money on a permit and space on the strip. Besides making money, they are enjoying the atmosphere.

"I've seen some beautiful bikes with the wheels, I love it," said WIlliamson.

"It's fun, it's family oriented and the weather has been holding up pretty good. So, we've really been enjoying it," said Hall.

Most vendors only take cash and are staying open weekend nights until around 2 a.m.

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