Bennettsville church helping to lower city's unemployment rate

Bennettsville church helping to lower city's unemployment rate (WPDE)

Sword of Truth Ministries opened a internet cafe that creates job and allows residents to enjoy some tasty treats and lavish coffees.

Dozens of people came out Sunday afternoon to the grand opening and ribbon cutting celebration.

The church's head pastor, Bishop Chris Brown, said he's pleased with the turnout.

"It's gone beyond my expectation. And to watch the people smile. And to see the diversity of the people that came just to the opening. It says a lot," said Bishop Chris Brown.

He also said the cafe employs about 8 people.

Brown said they provide jobs for more than 100 people for the church's summer feeding program.

The church has adopted the motto, "Here We Grow Again".

Brown said their overall effort is to impact the community spiritually, physically and economically.

"Here we grow again. You want every chance, and every time you can, to see growth. One of the words that the scripture reads about, but you'll read past it kind of quickly. If we pay attention, he always tells us to produce. So, we're just doing something that our father teaches. Produce, grow, give something that's going to give life to other people. That's what we're trying to do," said Brown.

Bennettsville Mayor Heath Harpe said it takes small businesses, like Confectionate Cafe, to help sustain the community.

"The City of Bennettsville is definitely behind efforts like this. We recently passed a business incentive package. And I'm sure Confectionate Cafe will get some help on that. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our community. And we need every effort like this , that we can get," said Mayor Harpe.

Rep. Patricia Moore Henegan (D) of Marlboro, Chesterfield and Darlington Counties said she's pleased with how the church has worked to create jobs in the community.

She said the Bennettsville and Marlboro County communities are family and these jobs will help those who need them the most.

"I really think this is a blessing for this community. One of the things I can say about Bishop Brown is that he realize that you can't have anything unless you're able to take care of your family. And if you can't take care of the physical needs of your family. Then surely, you can't take care of the spiritual. "It's so important for fathers and mothers to know that they don't have to depend on others to do things. That they're able to do because they have jobs," said Rep. Henegan.

Brown said he has another big venture that will be announced at a later time.

Confectionate Cafe is already a big hit. It took home the grand prize last week in the Taste of Marlboro.

The cafe will be open everyday of the week.

You can call the church at (843) 479-0059 for more information.

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