Aynor fifth graders earn pizza party from Conway Medical Center for kindness project


Two fifth grade classes at Midland Elementary School in Aynor will get a pizza party for collecting the most Capri Sun boxes.

Conway Medical Center hosted the competition to gather supplies for after-school meals and their smart snacks program.

That program provides meals and snacks for children who might not get enough to eat at home.

Midland's principal Jennifer Park says students brought in the Capri Sun boxes as part of a kindness project.

The school collected 222 boxes in total.

"It's an amazing feeling because, to do something that's bigger than yourself, and to help others, ultimately you want your students to be good citizens and, by participating in this, they had the opportunity to be a good citizen and help somebody besides themselves," said Park.

In addition to the pizza party, the school says it'll provide an ice cream party.

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