Automatic Stay Bill to be signed Wednesday morning


An Horry County councilman will be at the governor's desk Wednesday to sign the automatic stay bill.

This means that groups that want to place a hold on a project being forwarded by the county council will now have 90 days to oppose projects once they are announced by putting a motion through the courts.

That would make it easier for the county council to go forward with projects, like International Drive, without having to worry about outside and special interest groups blocking a program without a reason.

"There's no reason we should have to go through either paying these people not to oppose it, like it's been done in South Carolina in different cases, or to have to fight it in court on and on and on just because a group says that they have a reason for us to stop it," said Johnny Vaught, District 8 representative for Horry County Council.

The bill is to be signed tomorrow at the South Carolina state house.

Councilman johnny vaught, senators luke rankin, steven goldfinch, and danny verdin are all expected to be there.

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