Attorney for Sidney Moorer, charged with kidnapping Heather Elvis, asks to be off the case

Kirk Truslow and Sidney Moorer in court in July of 2017. (WPDE)

An attorney who has been representing Sidney Moorer, charged with kidnapping missing Socastee woman Heather Elvis, has asked to be relieved as the pro bono counsel, according to court paperwork.

The paperwork states that the relationship between T. Kirk Truslow and Moorer has deteriorated, even resulting in Moorer and his family accusing Truslow of "conspiring with State prosecutors."

Truslow has been an attorney for Moorer since January of 2014 and represented Moorer during the June 2016 kidnapping trial, the documents state.

That trial resulted in a hung jury and has not yet been scheduled for a re-trial.

The re-trial was set to take place in August of 2016, but a continuance was requested.

That motion asking for a continuance also called for Truslow to be relieved as counsel, declare the defendant indigent, and appoint someone from the public defender's office.

Truslow then agreed to continue as co-counsel, but work pro bono, according to the court documents from 2016.

Truslow and James Galmore, a public defender, represented Moorer during the August 2017 obstruction of justice trial. Moorer was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being found guilty.

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That's when, according to the paperwork, the relationship between Truslow and the Moorer's deteriorated:

Defendant and Defendant's family members accused defense council of conspiring with State prosecutors in an effort to have Defendant convicted, as well as other allegations. Family members have gone so far as to contact the trial judge in this case with the allegation.

The paperwork states that based on that damaged relationship "further representation by defense council is not possible."

We will continue to bring you updates on this case.

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