Attorney: Bailey still a NMB city employee

William Bailey at his grievance hearing earlier this month

The attorney for former North Myrtle Beach Public Safety Director - the embattled William Bailey - says as far as he knows, Bailey is still a city employee.

Recently, there have been questions about Bailey's status.

He has been on administrative leave since January, after he said the glove box of his truck was locked when his service weapon was stolen from it. But the box doesn't have a lock on it.

On January 27, Bailey was demoted to the rank of Lieutenant and stripped of his position as director.

He later requested a hearing before a city grievance committee and presented his case last week. A decision regarding the hearing has not yet been made.

Despite several NewsChannel 15 inquiries, North Myrtle Beach city officials have refused to comment on Bailey's status. Though, his attorney, Kenneth Moss, tells NewsChannel 15 Bailey has received no written confirmation on his employment status.

As far as any verbal confirmation, Moss says he's not sure what, if anything, has been said between the two sides.

Moss says, he also has contacted the city, though he adds, they have not responded to him.

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