Man who shot back after armed robber shot at him outside church speaks out

Armed robbery victim speaks out (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

The man who shot back after an armed robber shot at him outside of a church last month is now speaking out about his experience.

George King Young II is finally speaking about the night that changed his perspective on life.

"You just don't ever think it's going to happen to you," said Young.

Young was sitting in his truck, keeping an eye on Grand Strand Baptist Church's art festival set-up, when Richmond Collier came up and asked for change for a $20.

"The next thing I know, Richmond steps around my truck door and I have a nine millimeter in my stomach and he's telling me to give it up, give it up," said Young.

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The next few minutes have been replaying in Young's mind ever since that night.

"When he looked away, I saw the opportunity that it was my chance to get my firearm out and I pulled my gun out at the time and he turned and he fired and, thank God, he hit the truck door of my truck and then, when he fired, I returned fire," said Young.

Young was not hit but Collier was left with eight bullet wounds.

After he was shot, Collier ran to the Ruby Tuesday by the Tanger Outlets, and Young followed him.

"I was like, 'Hey, buddy, you hit? You hit?' and, he was like, 'Yes, sir,' so, I was like, 'Lay down, let's get you an ambulance,'" said Young.

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Young has been overwhelmed with emotions since the shooting.

"It broke my heart. It really did. I have a son in college his age, so, yeah, it was tough, and I've been going through an emotional roller,coaster these last two weeks. It was really hard to know you've hurt somebody like that," said Young.

Young says he is heartbroken for the young man who almost killed him.

"I've never one time wished any ill-will towards him or anybody. We're just here to love people and help people and that's what we want to try to do," said Young.

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Young hopes the events of Sept. 29 will help Collier change his life's direction.

"If he could use this for good, that would be, you know, that would be great," said Young.

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