Animal rescue group: Lowcountry dog's injuries from being dragged by car are 'horrific'

    Animal cruelty case in Berkeley County of a 14-month old pit bull. (Provided/Berkeley County)

    CROSS, S.C. (WCIV) - Injuries so horrific, we had to blur the images of a possible animal cruelty case.

    A 14-month old pit bull is healing tonight after a rescue group says it was dragged behind a car in Berkeley County.

    “This dog was not dragged a few blocks—this dog was dragged for miles,” says Jackie O'Sullivan with the non-profit Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

    The group posted photos on its Facebook page of the 14-month-old mixed breed pup named Gabe.

    Photos that have already been shared more than a thousand times.

    “The dog had to have been screaming and howling, crying in pain, being dragged down the road. I mean, his wounds are horrific,” says O’Sullivan.

    Berkeley County Animal Control picked up the dog on Saturday after its owner surrendered him.

    Since then he's managed to survive two surgeries.

    “He’s doing better this morning now that most of his wounds are closed up and he’s on antibiotics and pain meds. We are hoping the sutures will hold,” says O’Sullivan.

    O'Sullivan says Gabe has received an astounding 500 stitches, his former owner has, so far, only received a $500 dollar ticket for failure to provide veterinary care.

    “It made me very angry and very upset for the pain and suffering that this dog had gone through,” says O’Sullivan.

    The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office is still investigating how the dog was injured so severely, but right now the court of public opinion shares O’Sullivan's concern.

    “That's most of the messages that we are getting you know, from people is that they want to know what they can do to help, they are angry, they want to know who did this, how could this happen, and how could someone not be held accountable,” says O’Sullivan.

    Rescue Dogs Rock NYC specializes in helping medical rescues nationwide.

    Gabe had his second surgery in Columbia and will stay in South Carolina for the foreseeable future.

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