Animal activist protest for a more humane way of treating Canada Geese

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    Animal activists were out in Socastee Saturday, calling for a more humane way of removing Canada Geese from along the Grand Strand.

    The protesters said they were upset with how the USDA trapped and removed a group of geese from the Cameron Village neighborhood.

    "All geese have a right to live," said protester Maria Pesce.

    The protesters claim the USDA is capturing and killing the geese which they believe is inhumane and disgusting.

    "This was their property first, this was their land fist, we’re the ones that are building and building and building and driving out nature all over Myrtle Beach," said one of the protest organizers, Margaret Wilson.

    Since the incident took place at Cameron Village, a petition which was started as a result of the recent capture, now has over 40,000 signatures, calling for change.

    The protesters said, the killing of Canada Geese is a national problem.

    "I think that’s unfortunately where the USDA comes in, they’re the ones that have no responsibility to anybody else, no accountability to anybody else, they can do virtually what they want and they’re allowed at the behest of these folks to come in and for 5,000 dollars they’ll snatch them up and get rid of them," said Wilson.

    These animal activists are calling for a more humane approach to the removal of the geese, using alternatives such as egg addling or geese pushing with trained dogs.

    "It makes me angry and it also makes me upset because you know they’re animals and you know, and animals have feelings you know they’re not there just you know to be killed," said 15-year-old, Patience Opdyke.

    With there being other alternatives to removing the geese, the protesters said, those who live Cameron Village need to learn to live with the geese instead of having them removed.

    "If you don’t want to deal with water fowl, don’t live by a lake, its not rocket science," said Pesce.

    First Services Residential’s community manager, Tara Taylor said in a statement, they asked the USDA Wildlife Services Division to remove the geese because of cleanliness and health concerns.

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