Almost 200 homes could change counties due to boundary mix-up

Almost 200 homes could change counties due to boundary mix up (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

A mistake was made somewhere along the line and now almost 200 homeowners have a big decision to make. For decades, what people thought was Horry County has actually, technically been Georgetown County.

The real line is literally dividing homes and neighborhoods.

"Well, it goes right in the middle of it," said Donna Skeen.

The Skeens have lived in what they thought was Horry County for over 20 years. It turns out, the line between Horry and Georgetown is technically right through their property.

"Well, fiscal affairs, which is a state agency, they've gone around the state to clarify the lines with North Carolina and Georgia and they've now been looking at the county lines to see where, if any, discrepancies exist, which they found quite a few statewide," said Horry County representative Russell Fry.

Now, Fry and Georgetown County Representative Lee Hewitt are trying to make things right.

"We're going to file a bill next week that would allow them to have a referendum in November, and they could vote on to officially become a part of Horry County," said Fry.

People in the gray area have mixed feelings.

"Well I have no reason to change things from the way they are," said Skeen.

"I have heard Georgetown's taxes are a lot less expensive than ours, so that would be a benefit, but I don't know all of the other things that would go with it," said Cindy Howell.

If houses change over to Georgetown County, they'll have different taxes, different school districts, and different first responders.

"We just need to come together and decide what is best for all of us," said Skeen.

The new legislation will be proposed next week.

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