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State Senate bill proposed to stop the use of cellphones while driving

FILE (Photo: Megan Scarano, WCTI NewsChannel 12)
FILE (Photo: Megan Scarano, WCTI NewsChannel 12)
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A law stopping people from using hand-held phones while driving at any point may soon be enacted in North Carolina.

A number of state lawmakers are proposing Senate Bill 20. After hearing of the “Hands Free NC" bill, some people say it is a great idea for safety, but others believe it will cause more issues using practical apps like GPS.

While driving, many people use their phones to call, change music or find out where they are going, but North Carolina legislators are now proposing a bill that stops drivers from using their phones in any way while moving.

For me it’ll just be annoying, said New Bern resident Derek Hill. "I will have to put it further away in a corner or something to get places or pull over to put something in my GPS.

Other drivers like Cassie Rabideau say the bill makes sense.

Vehicles today have so many features that make it easy for us to be hands-free that there isn’t a need for us to be so distracted, and driving, any text can wait. I just don’t think it’s worth it to be sitting on your phone when you could be taped paying attention to the road.

The bill bans teenagers from all wireless communication while driving and adults from any communications requiring their hands or lap. New Bern Traffic Unit Sergeant Monica Hargett says the bill could save lives.

In North Carolina there were 356 fatalities from vehicle crashes where people were distracted, and one of those distractions could easily be a person using their phone.

Some drivers like Haley Johnson say the bill is a step in the right direction, but people will find a way around it.

I agree with it absolutely. It’s definitely a distraction but, we’re kind of in tune with it. We’re still gonna touch it we’re still going to use it.
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State leaders hope the bill passes through the legislature and is signed by Governor Roy Cooper. It would go into effect on July 1st of 2021.

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