50 women sew quilts for veterans for National Sewing Day

50 women sew quilts for veterans for national sewing day (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

The hum of 50 sewing machines being operated by women working with a mission could be heard all throughout the Myrtle Beach Rec Center Saturday.

"It's one of the things that I can do as a quilter to help our veterans," said Pam Pardue, who has sewn for Quilts of Valor for around five years.

"We hope that our quilts will help them feel a little more loved and appreciated and many of them say this is the first time they've been told welcome home," said Joan Wobbleton, who leads the local Quilts of Valor chapter.

Quilts of valor had women sewing across the country for their National Sewing Day.

"I've made somewhere around 40 quilts of valor," said Pardue.

The quilts are made for veterans.

"It is a gift given to someone in appreciation for someone, for what their sacrifice was, whether it was big or small ," said Kathleen Williams, who has sewn for Quilts of Valor for around a year.

Kathleen Williams recognizes the honor of getting a quilt because she received one for her service in the army.

"I was involved in a bombing overseas and I don't wear it on my sleeve but I wear it inside. So being a recipient of a quilt of valor, it was very emotional for me," said Williams.

Knowing how much the quilts mean make her sew faster.

"Being on the other side is great because then I know how it feels to receive and I'm that much more enthusiastic about whipping them out and getting them together and sewing them," said Williams.

"It always makes a difference. Always," said Pardue.

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