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5 years later: Still no answers in deaths of 3 Lumberton women

Christina Bennett, Rhonda Jones, Megan Oxendine (Credit FBI){ }
Christina Bennett, Rhonda Jones, Megan Oxendine (Credit FBI)
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Five years later, there is still no answer to what led to the deaths of three women in Lumberton between April and June of 2017.

"On April 18, 2017, police found the bodies of Rhonda Jones outside a house on East 5th Street in Lumberton and Christina "Kristin" Bennett, on Peachtree Street in Lumberton.

Jones' body was found in a trash can.

Megan Oxendine was found deceased outside a house on East 8th Street in Lumberton on June 3, 2017.

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Autopsy results show the causes and manners of deaths as undetermined.

Sheila Price's daughter was Rhonda Bennett.

Shortly after her daughter's death, Price established Shatter the Silence, which is a group that seeks to raise awareness of all of the unsolved deaths in Robeson County.

Price said it just breaks her heart that they're no closer to knowing now what led up to their deaths.

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"It ain’t right. Christmas ain't the same. I don’t even celebrate Easter no more. I don’t understand none of this. I don’t understand how somebody can throw her in the trash can," said Price.

She added she doesn't think the investigation was handled properly in the beginning.

“How can you say three girls just gets naked and died in a five week period all in the same area?. It wasn’t an overdose. They weren’t shot. They weren’t stabbed," said Price.

The Lumberton Police Department said the FBI is expected to release a new podcast of the deaths on Monday, the five-year anniversary.

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Bennett's mother released the following statement via the police department's Facebook page Monday regarding the deaths:

On April 18, 2017 and June 3, 2017, the families of Kristin, AKA, Christina Bennett, Rhonda Jones, and Megan Oxendine received the devastating news of our daughters deaths. It has been 5 very long years, and these cases are unresolved and open for investigation. I am sure I speak for other families, as we will not rest until justice is rightfully served concerning our daughters deaths.
We are speaking in behalf of the victims. We are speaking for the lives that are lost. We are speaking to the public. Please help us pursue justice for Kristin, Rhonda, and Megan. If you have heard something, know something, or have seen something, please contact Law Enforcement. No information is too small or trivial. If you are fearful, call or contact Law Enforcement anonymously. If you prefer you can make arrangements to meet with a plain clothed police officer of your preference, in an unmarked vehicle, in a undisclosed location of your choice. But please make that call!
There are no socio-economic boundaries to tragedy. Everyone deserves a safe place to live, work, attend school, raise your families, and worship. You can remain seated by maintaining your silence, or stand up and make a difference. There are those in your community walking "fancy free" that has no regard for human life, and needs to be held accountable. Someone that is culpable for heinous crimes.
If you "care," you will "share," what information you may have concerning our daughters deaths. This is not just a "city matter, " this is a "community matter." There are many rumors circulating concerning these cases which are blatantly untrue and have been ruled out, by investigative means. But, please if you have pertinent information, do the right thing, and come forward.
Kristin's daughter always had the dream, her mother would come home and reunite as a family. Someone destroyed a little girls dreams. Someone destroyed the expectations of not only Kristin's children, but the children of Rhonda and Megan. I understand there are those that are fearful, but think of the "fear/horror" our daughters faced with the reality their life was coming to an end. How can anyone sit back and do nothing to help?
The Lumberton Police Department, (LPD), State Bureau of Investigation, (SBI), and Federal Bureau of Investigation, (FBI), have worked relentlessly investigating these cases, but still need the publics support. There is still a FBI $40,000.00 reward offered for information pertaining to these cases.
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A list of investigators to reach out to includes:

  • Detective David Williford LPD, (910) 671-3845
  • Lieutenant Jennifer White, LPD, (910) 671-3845
  • Special Agent Glenn, FBI (704) 672-6100 option 2
  • Harold Jackson, District Attorney (DA) Investigator, (910) 272-5910 relay message.
Special appreciation to the LPD and ROBCO Sheriff's department for allowing my plea for public support to be posted on their Facebook page.
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