4 murders in one week across Horry County have police taking extra measures


Four murders in six days across Horry County have many residents on edge.

Horry County Police Chief Joseph Hill said, it's a trying time for police and those who call Horry County home, but they are making progress to get the people responsible off the streets.

"My god, you know like, are we safe," said Lori Pedrick who lives near Adrian Highway, where the fourth victim was murdered Tuesday morning.

Many people across the county are now questioning their safety after the four murders.

"We’re looking at all these cases as being connected, however we’re also being very cautious not to group them all into one big crime spree, we’re looking at each case individually," said Horry County Police Chief, Joseph Hill.

Tuesday morning's murder hit close to home for those who live near Adrian Highway, and they’re asking county officials to do more to keep them safe.

"I think they need to have more town meetings to have people like neighborhood watch and stuff like that. I think the cops should be patrolling more on these back roads. It's really bad," said Pedrick.

Hill said they understand the concerns of the public and they’re on it.

"We’ve got extra patrols on the streets, we’ve called in additional resources, to include SLED, to help us pin down suspects in these cases, we’re making progress," said Hill.

He said situational awareness is key to everyone's safety.

"Pay attention if you’re leaving a late night establishment, whether its work or entertainment, be mindful of where you’re walking, make sure your car is parked where its going to be well lit and if possible, bring somebody with you," said Hill.

A cause of death for the murder victim found Tuesday, 58-year-old Terry Blye, has not been released.

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