24-hour Bowl-A-Thon happening now to benefit March of Dimes

24-hour Bowl-A-Thon happening at Myrtle Beach Bowl from 7 a.m. Friday until 7 a.m. Saturday to benefit the March of Dimes. (Amanda Kinseth / WPDE)

A 24-hour Bowl-A-Thon is happening now at Myrtle Beach Bowl to benefit the March of Dimes.

The donations made through events like this help the March of Dimes save lives.

"Arthur was 3 lbs. 2 oz. and Henry was 2 lbs. 13oz," said Heather Dioniso about her twin boys who were born prematurely.

For weeks, they had to sleep in incubators instead of in her arms.

"You just keep going, and then you don't realize what you've been through almost until after, it felt like for me. Looking back I have no idea how I got through it.

Fortunately, her sons got through it. Arthur and Henry are now two happy, and healthy, five year old boys.

And today, April 1, they're bowling to benefit the March of Dimes.

For 24 hours, people will be looking for strikes to strike out premature birth.

"Nearly 7,000 babies are born prematurely in South Carolina every year," said Crystal Hummer, with the March of Dimes. "I know the history of these twins and I know that they had to struggle, fight to survive, and to see them running around here is amazing, and it's because of the research and the medical advancements that we have in today's society that they're able to do that."

Tire Town is hosting the event at Myrtle Beach Bowl and hopes to raise $15,000.

The Bowl-a-Thon continues until 7 a.m. Saturday morning for anyone looking to support the cause.

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