211 information app launches in South Carolina


If you ever need a helping hand, there's now an easier way to get one in Horry County.

The SC 211 app is funded by the United Way. It allows you to request services ranging from help unloading groceries to drug counseling.

Richard LaPratt is the Executive Vice President of Contact Center Services for United Way of South Carolina. He said people are trending away from dialing, and moving toward downloading and clicking.

The new SC 211 application looks at the top 20 searches for people in need in the area.

"It classifies them according to such resources as food, counseling, shelter, so it's easy to use and it's there at their fingertips any day any time," said LaPratt

The app is a step before calling police, and it's available in more than 130 languages.

"It could be for the mother looking to get food for her kids. It could be for the individual looking to get substance abuse counseling. It could be for the individual in a domestic violence situation, or it could be just someone that wants counseling."

Horry County Police Captain Bob Carr says all officers are equipped with business cards that direct people to the service.

“It's a great tool for our officers to give to the citizens where they can call that number and get some kind of help that we can't supply them,” said Carr. “They're going to get instant information where he citizen can be helped,"

LaPratt said in the fall reports will be sent out showing what services people are using the most.

"This can help with grant applications it can help out with different services that need to be allocated after a storm,” LaPratt said. “Let's say there was an area that was hard hit and they start seeing a hot spot. This reporting module can help various funders, foundations, grant foundations, anything that's out there to take a look and see what's happening in their area."

Another addition coming in January is live texting, but this won't be something for emergency situations.

To learn more about SC 211, click here.

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