11 people arrested for illegal gambling in North Myrtle Beach

Eleven people were arrested on Jan. 2 for illegal gambling after a tip from a caller, according to a police report. (J. Reuben Long Detention Center / WPDE background)

Eleven people were arrested on Jan. 2 for illegal gambling after an anonymous tip was called in to authorities, according to a police report.

Thomas Martin, 64, of Myrtle Beach; Richard Bashar Khoury, 37, of Charleston, West Va.; Steven Blake Teague, 33, of Myrtle Beach; Wendy Dawn Johnson, 45; Gregory Brian Bell, 44, of Myrtle Beach; Edwin Fernando Cubas, 39, of Myrtle Beach; James Michael Wolfe, 54, of Longs; Patrick Henry Bogedain, 38, of Little River; Marilynn Trent Reid, 69, of Winston Salem, N.C.; John Anthony Corio, 68, of Pinehurst, N.C.; and Jody Robert Frei, 43, of Loris, were all charged with gambling – prohibited generally, according to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center's website. All were booked in to the North Myrtle Beach jail.

The arrests come after, on Nov. 28, an officer with North Myrtle Beach received an anonymous phone call about illegal gambling taking place in the city.

The caller told police that card games were being organized by a person identified in the report at Frei at a home on 38th Avenue South in the Windy Hill community, according to the police report.

The caller told police Frei may be under investigation by SLED already for illegal gambling, but changes locations regularly to avoid arrest, according to the police report.

The caller also told police that games were being held at a home in Barefoot Resort and one at a home on 26th Avenue North, the report states.

On Dec. 7, police received another call from the same person saying the games were still going on and asking why no action was taken, according to the report. Officers told him to come down to the station to give information on the gambling, but he declined.

However, the caller told police more information about Frei and another person who was hosting games.

Two additional complaints were called in. A followup interview will be conducted with those callers.

On Jan. 2, police executed a search warrant on a home off Oyster Catcher Drive, the report states.

According to the report, the person inside the home told police not to come in. Police told the person that if they didn’t open the door, it would be forced open, to which the occupant replied, “then break it,” according to the report.

Police forced their way into the home where they found card tables, ledgers, multiple sets of cards, poker chips and other gaming equipment.

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