Summerville family speaks out about stolen fire hydrant and what it means to them

Minion fire hydrant stolen in Summerville. (Facebook/Drew Schmidt)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The memory of baby Eloise surrounds their home; “I have a rosebush in the backyard, fire hydrant in the front yard,” Drew Schmidt said.

Schmidt handcrafted the fire hydrant for his daughter, who wasn't able to receive the gift. “Seems like it should be a nothing thing, but it has more sentimental value to myself, since that I originally made it two years ago for my daughter for her first Christmas present.”

Baby Eloise was stillborn on Sept. 15, 2015. “She never got to enjoy it.”

Schmidt, his wife and their young son have been living with his in-laws while their home is being renovated. Monday when he stopped by to do some painting, he noticed the hydrant was gone.

“Instantaneously, as soon as I got out of the truck, realized that it wasn't there 'cause it's something that I look at virtually every time I come home.”

It sat on their porch for two years, keeping the memory of baby Eloise alive. His son, now 1 1/2, also loves the hydrant that looks like a minion.

“He walks up to it and hugs it, and talks to it in baby language that's completely indiscernible.”

All this family wants for Christmas is the reminder of their baby girl. “It's more than just a fire hydrant.”

Schmidt said the hydrant is about 200 pounds. He's asking whoever took it to please bring it back and he'll help that person create their own.

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