Greenville Zoo excited to reveal baby monkey's gender & name

Photo credit: Greenville Zoo

Nearly two months old and finally ready for a name! The Greenville Zoo’s baby Angolan colobus monkey has been on exhibit with mother, Nuru; father, Valentino; and big sister, Zuri since its birth on January 10.

This weekend, zookeepers will reveal the baby’s gender and name.

Father Valentino, who was born at Jungle Island in Miami on February 13, 2002, and mother Nuru, who was born at the San Diego Zoo on December 3, 2006, have been together since June 23, 2015.

As part of the Species Survival Plan’s managed breeding program, the pair was recommended to help sustain the Angolan colobus population.

Their first offspring was born February 16, 2016, but passed away shortly after its birth.

Zuri was born October 14, 2016.

Angolan colobus monkeys are born completely white but their coats darken within the first few months. The Angolan colobus monkey’s range is in dense rainforests, both in the lowlands and coastal mountains of Africa. They live in most of the Congo Basin, to the south and northeast of the Congo River, as far as Ruwenzori, Burundi, and southwestern Uganda. The species can also be found in East Africa, especially in the montane and coastal forests of Kenya and Tanzania and in isolated mountain areas. Although the species is named after Angola, it is quite rare in that country.

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