AAA: Infotainment systems partly to blame for increased distracted driving

Infotainment systems contribute to distracted driving. (WGXA/Jennifer Munoz)

MACON, Ga. (WGXA)- A new report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found 40 percent of drivers use infotainment systems, which can lead to distracted driving.

The report states that drivers using programs like voice-based and touch screen features experience "very high levels of visual and mental demand" for more than 40 seconds.

AAA reports that removing eyes from the road for just two seconds doubles the risk of a crash.

Programming a navigation system is the most distracting task, according to the study.

Macon-Bibb County has seen an increase in distracted driving.

Capt. Brad Wolfe with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office said since January there have been 513 collisions in the county where distracted driving was a contributing factor.

Through this time last year, there were 367. Wolfe said that tnumber only represents a number of cases where drivers admitted to distracted driving.

He added that while there is no citation for distracted driving, deputies can ticket drivers for swerving, running stop signs and other effects of distracted driving.

"You put in a new address on your GPS and you weave out of your lane or you roll through a stop sign, something like that, then that's a traffic violation that goes along with distracted driving and, of course, you can be stopped for that," Wolfe said.

Wolfe said he urges drivers to program navigation systems and radios before they hit the roads.

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