911 call released, warrants shed new light on Mariah Woods case

Earl Kimrey, the live-in boyfriend of mother Kristy Woods, has been charged with murdering Mariah Woods. (NewsChannel 12 photo)

A 911 call where Earl Kimrey reported Mariah Woods missing was released to the public on Friday. Warrants pertaining to the case were also released.

WCTI NewsChannel 12 was one of the media organizations that received the call and warrant documents. In the 911 call, a dispatcher speaks with Earl Kimrey, who made the initial call that Woods was missing.

Woods was reported missing on the morning of Nov. 27. Kimrey told officials at the time they had put Woods to bed. He said she later woke up and Kimrey told her to go back to bed. He also said he left for a short period of time but left the door unlocked. That Monday morning is when he called 911 to report Woods missing.

The warrants shed light on several different fronts. One witness told investigators they saw Kimrey place an object "bigger than a book bag" into a 1996 Blue Plymouth van and leave the residence just before midnight before she was reported missing. A search warrant was obtained for the van, which was searched on Nov. 28. Items such as a pink jacket, dressers, zip ties, hair ties, white socks, white toddler pants, carpet pad sections and swabs from both the driver and passenger seat were found.

Items were also seized at the home on Dawson Cabin Road, including a section of a wall, trash cans purchased at different stores, bleach, duct tape, syringes, a shovel and more. The warrants also went into specific details about why the 911 call wasn't released earlier, saying it could jeopardize gathering evidence in the case. A similar case was made for not releasing the autopsy report. It currently has not been released to the public and there is no timetable for its release.

Kimrey was arrested on Dec. 2 and later charged with murder. After nearly a week of searching, Woods' body was found near a bridge in Pender County, Dec. 2.

Prosecutors said they will seek the death penalty against Kimrey.

Click here for full audio of the 9-11 call. You can also click here to see and view it.

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