'I have never experienced this before' - Darlington residents overwhelmed by flooding

The intersection of Trestle Street and Weaver Street in Darlington was completely flooded October 3rd. Photo: Jordan Schuman

Roads remain closed in Darlington after officials began closing them on Friday. They say because the county and city has so many low lying areas, flooding isn't that uncommon, but this is something most people say they've never seen before.

If you try to drive through Darlington on Saturday, you'll find what looks like rivers where there once were roads, and streams where there once were streets.

"People can't get through in their cars, especially if they have low cars. I might can get through because I have a high car but I don't want to try it," Gloria Hines said.

"This probably is going to be the worst we've ever seen... hopefully," Rickaya Washington said.

"I'm of that age and I have never experienced this before. This is my first time," Hines added.

Darlington County Emergency Preparedness Director Mac McDonald said the eastern and northeastern portions of Darlington County were hit hardest Friday night with up to eight inches of rain. As of Saturday afternoon, they're preparing for a washout in the western part of the county including Hartsville and Lamar.

"We've seen trees fall on roads and everything, we've seen pictures of roads being damaged and torn up," Washington said.

More than five state-maintained roads were closed, and more local roads as well, but drivers still weren't off the roads entirely.

"I'd love to see more people be at home just for the simple fact if they're at home they're in less danger," Darlington Police Chief Danny Watson said.

Darlington County Emergency Management Officials say roads will remain closed until the water subsides and the South Carolina Department of Transportation can make any necessary repairs.

Officials strongly urge drivers to exercise extreme caution and to not travel unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.

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