Myrtle Beach police opening investigation into "Grateful Doe"

Photos of a Jason who needs to be identified. May be from Myrtle Beach.

Police have opened an investigation to see if a missing Myrtle Beach man is "Grateful Doe."

"Grateful Doe" is a man whose body was never identified after a car crash in Virginia on June 27, 1995. He's called Grateful Doe, because he was wearing a Grateful Dead T-shirt and had two tickets to their show in his pants pocket the day he died.

No one claimed his body, and police in Virginia have been trying to solve the case ever since.

Internet sleuths took to social media to share Grateful Doe's information in an effort to identify him.

"Social media has really become a useful tool for missing and unidentified people," said Minnesota resident Lesha Johanneck, one of the people who runs the Grateful Doe Facebook page.

After a newly-drawn composite of Grateful Doe was released, photos of a man named Jason were posted to the Grateful Doe Facebook page, in hopes of determining if he was the man killed in the crash.

On Tuesday, a Myrtle Beach woman filed a missing persons report for her son Jason Callahan.

According to police, Callahan has not been seen or heard from since June of 1995 when he left to follow the band The Grateful Dead.

We talked with Callahan's mother, who did not want to go on camera, but told us, "I am just waiting for everything to be put together to see if it is my son, to see if it is a positive match."

Callahan's mother also confirmed that the photos of the man named Jason posted to the Grateful Doe Facebook page are those of her son, Jason Callahan.

Now, the Myrtle Beach Police Department is working with other agencies to determine if Jason Callahan is Grateful Doe by collecting DNA samples, which have been sent off for evaluation.

We will continue to follow this story and provide updates as soon as more information is made available.

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