Midterm absentee voting sets record in South Carolina

People voting at Waccamaw High School. (Sydney Glenn/WPDE)

A record number of absentee votes have been cast in this midterm election, according to election officials.

The South Carolina State Election Commission says more than 260,000 absentee ballots were issued statewide, and so far, more than 230,000 have been returned. To put that in perspective, for the 2014 General Election, which was the last midterm, approximately 157,000 ballots were cast-- which, at the time, set a record for absentee voting in a midterm election.

The record for most early voters in any South Carolina election was in November 2016 when more than 500,000 absentee votes were cast.

County election offices will be open Monday until 5 for in-person absentee voting. It is, however, too late to mail in your absentee ballot, as they had to have been postmarked by Friday. If you have an absentee by mail ballot, it must be returned to your county elections office by 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Find your county elections office by clicking here.

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