Former SC Lawmaker calls for changes after corruption probe

Larry Martin Source: SC Manufacturing

The recent indictments and convictions following a state corruption probe has brought up bitter memories for former South Carolina Senator Larry Martin. The Pickens County Republican served in the legislature for 37 years until he lost his bid for reelection in 2016.

"I know a lot of negative stuff was thrown at me," Martin told WACH FOX. "They were making positions that I didn't take or exaggerating my positions on the issues."

A group called Better Future for Our Community spent $200,000 on attack ads against Martin, claiming he voted to raise taxes to fix roads and spent more money than most other legislators on travel.

"I do believe that it really made a difference," Martin said. "A lot of money was spent on trying to make that difference."

A state grand jury report released in October revealed that the attacks against Martin did not come from a grassroots group within his district but, instead, a trial lawyers group with direct ties to the Richard Quinn consulting firm, whose founder and a list of clients in the legislature, have been indicted in prosecutor David Pascoe's probe into statehouse corruption.

Martin said the group running the ads did not like his stance on tort reform and wanted to oust him as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Martin said he wants the 2019 legislative session to pass a law that requires groups that spend a lot of money on political attack ads -- like the fictitious one that campaigned against him -- to disclose their true identity.

In a WACH FOX story that will air on Wednesday, you will hear more about what type of legislation Martin would like to see passed.

Also, the report will reveal certain tactics state lawmakers use that can, ultimately, prevent them from keeping their campaign promises.

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