Tax Free Weekend - save on more than you'd expect

Clothing, computers, crayons and more are tax free this weekend. (Amanda Kinseth/WPDE)

Tax free weekend is going on right now - from August 3-5 - to benefit students going back to school.

The Department of Revenue expects shoppers will save $2.25 million dollars in sales tax this weekend.

Sammy, who is about to start 3rd grade, is one of the many shoppers on tax free weekend, buying stuff for school.

"Two packs of pencils, two packs of wide ruled paper," said Sammy, looking at what's already in her shopping cart. "Crayons and some colored pencils and twistables and all that stuff."

From crayons to computers to clothing, shoppers will save on sales tax.

Even dorm essentials like lamps and linens are tax free too.

"We also have 'Back to College', so you those things, your sheets and comforters and things of that nature that you would need for back to college, are also on that list," said Sunshine Nelson, Walmart Manager.

You don't even have be a student. Anyone can take advantage of tax free weekend.

"Anybody," said Willie Holland, Walmart Manager. "It doesn't have to be on a school list. It can be for your home or your family.

The whole family can benefit, and whether or not they're ready to start school, soon-to-be students are ready to shop, and parents are excited to save.

Tax free weekend ends at midnight on Sunday, August 5.

For a list of tax free items, click here.

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