Sales Tax Holiday kicks off with parents and stores expecting a midnight rush

Tax free weekend kicks off with parents and stores expecting a midnight rush(Eddie Kadhim, WPDE)

With the promise of sales and the shopping lists of eager students, parents are out and ready to fill up their carts at the start of the Sales Tax Holiday.

Shoppers who are willing to face the crowds over the weekend stand to save around eight percent on eligible purchases.

During the 17th Annual Sales Tax Holiday, shoppers are expected to save an estimated $2.25 million, according to the Board of Economic Advisors.

For some shoppers, the bargains aren't worth facing the crowds.

"I like to browse and see what I want and, when there's a lot of people here, I don't like to do it," Tammy Autry, a teacher and proud parent of two Clemson University students, said.

"They don't bargain shop. They'll buy whatever looks really good in a pretty package or something like that. I've got to do bargain shopping," Autry said.

Walmart has created 12 extra aisles filled with about $50,000 of school-related merchandise.

"We have back-stock waiting to be put out, and we have a team of people that will be up here from open until close making sure that everything is being filled 24 hours a day," Sunshine Nelson, Walmart Supercenter Co-Manager of the Surfside Beach Walmart, said.

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"No, it was the biggest mistake. There's too many people out," Missie Lovelace said.

However, Lovelace also said that with school right around the corner, she may have to come back during the rush.

Lovelace said it's unlikely this will be her last trip for supplies before school starts.

"I know we'll probably be back two or three times," Lovelace said.

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Tax Free Weekend began at 12:01 a.m. Friday and runs through midnight Sunday.

For more information regarding Tax Free Weekend and the start of the upcoming school year, visit WPDE's Back to School page.

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