'Back to School' means mixed emotions for Horry County parents

Second grader Anyah Stewart being walked into her classroom by her mother, Tiffany Stewart. (WPDE)

It was "back to school" Wednesday for kids across Horry and Georgetown counties, which means new first day of school outfits, backpacks and school supplies.

Second grader Anyah Stewart didn't need any help choosing her outfit. "Pink tennis shoes, a pink shirt and a vest shirt," she said of her back to school outfit.

Her mother Tiffany Stewart said, "she wouldn't really let me help her get back to school ready. She already had her outfit ready... her socks, shoes, everything. So she already had it down."

She is one of thousands of students who were dropped off at school Wednesday morning for the first day of the fall semester, an exciting and nerve-racking day for parents. Her mother was right by her side all the way to the classroom.

"I know she's excited but I'm kind of nervous because this school is a lot bigger than the school she went to, I know she's going to fit in. She's just gotta get used to it," said Stewart.

There were many crying parents as little ones were dropped off, like Kristti Marchese.

"They're getting older and they are leaving home," she said.

Some parents said the first day of school is much more difficult on them than it is on their children.

In fact, students we talked to were ready for the end of summer.

"Really happy it's over because I really want to go back to school, to be honest. I want to like try new things and sign up for chorus," said Jhared Jackson.

Anyah Stewart agreed, "I love hanging out with mommy, but I love going to school the most."

Surprisingly Tiffany Stewart kept it together. "No I didn't cry, no. I did when she went to kindergarten I'm not going to lie, but second grade, no," she said.

She said she's happy for her daughter to start this new chapter in her childhood and thrilled another back to school morning is now behind them.

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