Back to school: After a summer of learning, they're ready to teach

Seaside Elementary PE teacher is ready to launch archery this year after spending the summer at workshops and certifications. (Amanda Kinseth/WPDE)

Horry County students start school next week.

"This will be on my to do list for today," said Darcy Jones, as she unpacks a box in her classroom. She'll be teaching kindergarten at Seaside Elementary, and the days dwindle before the first day of school.

"Excited, stressed, overwhelmed... all that good stuff put together," said Jones.

Teachers are getting their classrooms ready, and they spent the summer learning.

PE teacher Michelle Arnold perfected her archery skills, and she's right on target to launch the sport at Seaside Elementary.

"Hopefully from that we'll get a club going and enter the tournament that is here in Myrtle Beach," said Arnold.

Second grade teacher Katie Ford spent her R & R researching.

"It is said now students really need to more around," said Ford, so she swapped regular chairs for wobble stools and yoga balls.

Music teacher Ruth Van Sciver has to master a new instrument. Students will get to try the ukulele this year.

"I have to learn how to play it well enough so they can learn from me," said Van Sciver.

Truth be told, teaching is a year-round responsibility.

"I will have to give a secret," said Jones, "I've been in and out all summer." She has just a few more final touches, and she'll be ready.

"But I did shove the hot mess in my office," she admits.

As the countdown shortens, the anticipation builds.

"I'm excited and have the butterflies going," said Arnold. "I'm so ready to see my kids."

After a summer of learning, they're ready to teach.

Horry County students start school Wednesday, August 23.

The first day in Georgetown County is Tuesday, August 22.

Students in the Pee Dee started school Thursday, August 17.

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